Social media is probably one of the strongest tools that an individual can possess today. It gives you the ability to voice opinion and create your own platform on different topics of interest. Some people use this tool to their full ability and some people use this tool as a way to just past time and have a little kee kee (laugh). Recently, I’ve gone on and I’ve been seeing ridiculous post about how television shows like Empire and other shows are essentially castrating the Black male population. Emasculation for all of those not up to speed with this term, it is essentially depriving a male of his male role and/or identity (If you did not know this word, I highly recommend going to the dollar store and getting a pocket dictionary. They’re literally $1 people… but I digress!) But in today’s era, when you use the word “emasculate”, you are essentially saying that someone is gay. People are suggesting that Spike Lee is out not to entertain us, but to turn the Black male population gay. This is how they are brainwashing us. Now, I’d say that was an feasible theory if it weren’t for the fact that Black males were gay before there was a thing called “primetime television” let alone shows like Empire. Let me start by letting everyone know that being gay does NOT make you less than a man if that is what you identify as. Your sexuality has nothing to do with your role as a man, unless you want it to. I, myself, have never been told I was “less than a man” because of my sexuality. If a man can still get up, go to work, obtain an education, and provide for his family, he can still be considered a man in my book. From personal experience, I work for everything I have. I do not have the “average gay job” working at Aldo or Bath and Body Works. I work at a restaurant as a full time cook. I prefer not to engage in manual labor, but as unbelievable as it may sound, it’s actually fun. I’ve worked my way up in every position I have. I am in charge of the staff when my boss isn’t at work. I worked my ass off to get into a program at La Salle University where they pay 99% of my tuition. I “out-manned” my two other brothers to become the MAN of my family. Everyone knows me as “the man”. The probably is you guys are identifying emasculation in all the wrong ways. You guys identify emasculation as being gay, but the problem is you guys are emasculating yourselves and allowing others to emasculate you everyday. Black males, young ones in particular, strive so hard to be nothing. This is amazing because it ‘s actually quite easy to be nothing, yet somehow you guys make it a life long mission. Doing things like dropping out of high school, committing petty thievery at your local Macy’s, and killing each other adds to the emasculation charts one statistic at a time. Then the NERVE of you guys to think that you’re higher than a homosexual amazes me. You guys spend your time on the corner “slanging that work” for about $50 a day, then go to the studio with the boys to work on a mixtape that only your girlfriend will promo, then ask your boy for $2.25 for the bus and on your way to the bus you go back and ask for an extra dollar for a transfer, then you go home ask your momma “what’s for dinner”, then you fall asleep playing NBA 2K16 on your little brothers Xbox One, and then you fall asleep in your grandmothers basement. Yet somehow you manage to believe your life is worth more than the average homosexual? And while Black males undergo castration from the dominant White race, they don’t need any help because they’re doing it to themselves. You can’t go get an education to get a good job, but you can voice your opinion about another man in a dress? That man in a dress has a car, the Michael Kors piece on his wrist probably cost more than your whole wardrobe, he has his own residence, and probably gives your girlfriend advice on how to motivate your sorry ass to get a job but you’re upset that he identifies as a “woman”? That self-proclaimed woman is still taking on the role as a man and he doesn’t even know it and you think because you grow a beard that you’re in fact better than him? Worrying about another individual for no reason at all is probably the most feminine trait I can think of, yet a great scale of men do it all the time when they see someone doing better than them. Then they hit you with the famous line: “I’m not hating, I just don’t like it.” No baby, that’s hating at it’s best. Another one of my biggest issues is the fact that there are people who have the audacity to call themselves a Black Lives Matters advocate, but as soon as it comes to the Black life who’s lifestyle you’re accustomed to it’s “another one bites the dust” huh? What Black males lack is substance. You don’t value anything. You don’t value education. You don’t value hard work. You don’t value family. And most importantly, you don’t value yourselves. If that isn’t emasculation, I don’t know what is. Again, let me reaffirm that the accusations about what it means to be a man have been under-exaggerated. Today, women are “the man” of their house. You see that today in single mother households where young Black males should be motivated to want to provide for his mom and family when they get older, but they end up sucking on their mothers breast until her death separates them. Being a man is being the strength of your family and taking care of what is yours. It is seeing the value in not only others, but most importantly in yourself. It is taking pride in all your accomplishments and being a mentor for those who look up to you. If Black males did any of these things, emasculation wouldn’t be a thing. White people couldn’t emasculate you because you identify the worth in yourself, but again, you don’t. Gay people don’t need to emasculate the Black male population, because the Black male population is already doing a damn good job of doing that themselves.

Rasheed Davis