Well, it seems like just as we thought Chic Fil A could not get any more pathetic they showed their ass once again, and now they’re giving the Black Community the finger. If you know me, you know I love Chic Fil A. Their nuggets and Chic Fil A sauce is to die for, even though I think their fries could be a little better. But… I digress. Their overall pleasant in-store experience not at all matches their worldly views. They are conservative and are against almost everything. I let a lot of things with Chic Fil Aslide, I really did. Especially their little “ban gay marriage” outcries that unfortunately did nothing but draw attention and make the gays go enjoy their frisky little time while eating a #1 with no pickles and added cheese and bacon just to make the company a little bit more upset. I let that go. Especially being as though I was that frisky little gay boy at Chic Fil Aenjoying the #1 combo. But can you blame me? Chic Fil A is freaking delicious. But what I will not tolerate is an actual open disregard to my people. Yes, I am gay and I should have been felt some way about it, but listen I did not. I was young, and I was not politically active and once again, Chic Fil A is freaking delicious. Besides, I only came to terms with being gay at the most of two years ago. I have been Black all my life and it is the first thing you see when you see me. Being Black is something I cannot escape and something I never will escape. But moving on, Chic Fil A has started a new trend at participating stores and it is called the “Back the Blue” campaign. I have researched it, and the reason they are doing this is because an officer had lost his life in a cross fire and they are supporting the family. While that is just a heart warming story, we have to look at the big picture here and while I want to be very sympathetic when I say this there is no other way… COPS DIE EVERYDAY B! What is killing me is Chic Fil A is backing police lives, but it is not police lives we should be concerned with when police lives are not even concerned about Black lives. Am I wrong for thinking this? I possibly could be, but I do not care because there has been a 100+ year war for my people to earn their right to be human in this country. The human life overall is very important and police are human, but why do they get to decide that my people are not when they carry out these crucial acts? They literally treat us like they have no sense, like they never trained at the academy, and like their first reaction is to kill us before we kill them. No, I do not believe Chic Fil A is completely wrong for this because not all police are bad, but the timing? Come on. We’re literally living in modern 1963. Chic Fil A is insensitive and that is why I will not be giving them my money for food any longer because what they fail to realize is while they have these “Back the Blue” shirts on, when I see them I cannot think of anything else but a terrorist to the Black society.

Rasheed Davis