Black or White?

Recently on social media there’s been a massive debate on whether Hispanics are “Spanish” or “African”? Now, if you know me you know that it is one of my pet peeves when a Hispanic individual who visibly has dark skin calls themselves “Spanish”. If you payed attention in high school, you should know that Spain is located in Europe. What color have we tagged Europeans? WHITE! So, can anyone explain to me how someone of color could possibly be Spanish? No? Wonderful. You may definitely have European roots, but to be from the Caribbean means you probably have more African roots than you do European. This is easily explained.

The Triangular Trade

Let’s observe the famous Triangular Trade map below and then continue to the text below.


The Triangular Trade consisted of these two different three stop routes. One of which was North America to Africa and then to the West Indies (The Caribbean). The cycle would then repeat. The other route was North America to Europe and then to the West Indies. This cycle also repeated. The trade included items like sugar, molasses, and gun powder. But the most important things traded to us in the 21st Century would have to be slaves. The first place the slaves stopped at were the West Indies. The West Indies is now thought of as The Caribbean. Who lives in the Caribbean now? Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Haitians, and Cubans. Like North America, Europeans (Spain specifically) had pushed out the islands Natives by force (and by atrocious disease.. But I digress). Spain had claim to the West Indies. Essentially what happened was Africans were put to work and treated under poor conditions. If you’re familiar with the slave and European relationship, you know that the white men raped black slaves. What comes out of unprotected forced sex? More free labor without all the travel… or what we call babies. This kept happening among the slave and European relationship throughout the years. Basically what the average Hispanic person is is what they used to call a Mulatto. If you are unaware of what a Mulatto is, it is simply a child with one European parent and one African parent. But not all are just those two races. After Spain was done with the West Indies they left behind the slaves and whatever Natives were left. Of course being the only inhabitants left, they all began to rebuild and mate. So some Hispanics also have Native blood in them also. 

So what are Hispanics? 

Hispanics are all of the above when it comes to African, European, and Native. But one cannot simply deny their heritage which a lot of Hispanics do. “Spanish” is not even your native language. Your native languages were taken away from you. So when you decide to claim “Spanish” as your race, please don’t forget to claim the race that shows. 

Rasheed Davis