When Donald Trump said he was running for president of the United States, we took it as a joke, because that’s what it was. When he made it through primaries, the laughs only got higher. But then on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning when he was announced the official next POTUS, the joke ceased to exist. It was definitely a bad joke gone wrong. 

I think the the biggest downfall that the Black community placed on each other was the idea that those who did not vote and those who voted 3rd party were to blame. We made each other scape goats instead of blaming who really mattered: those who voted for Trump. And even then I ask myself, can we really be mad? Like honestly, can we? 

What a lot of Blacks forgot the moment Trump’s name was announced victor was that we already weren’t living in a post-racial society. We continuously told White America when Trayvon Martin was killed this was NOT a post racial society. We told White America when police brutality became our new normal that this was NOT a post racial society. Just 2-3 months ago when we rioted in Charlotte, we told White America that we are NOT a post racial society. But as soon as Trump was elected president, we, ourselves, had forgot about the battle we had not yet won because again, THIS IS NOT A POST RACIAL SOCIETY!

Irregardless of who was elected, our lives (and I mean black lives) were going to be filled with our favorite “-ism” that we have known our whole life, whether it was convert or candid. We were still going to be checking our emails hoping that we got a job match from We were going to continue to get that job we were matched with and then another job, and somehow we were going to make every 15 cents they pay us a dollar. We were still going to be sending our children to school knowing that they wouldn’t be afforded the same education as their White counterparts, but something is better than nothing, right? We were still going to be relying on churches to help us bury our loved ones because we couldn’t afford the payments, right? And we were damn sure going to continue to code-switch when prompted because we didn’t want to “offend” anyone. 

So what is the difference between racism then and racism now? Nothing. The idea that our next president could be as racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist, and xenophobic as he wanted and get away with it gives his supporters a false hope that they can “Make America (White) Again,” and the unfortunate news for them is, it will never be as White as it used to be. 

But in this, I think we should take the time to thank Trump for one good reason. Trump has helped bring to the surface what we have been trying to convince White America for years: this nation is divided more than ever. On top of the division, we can thank him for helping us see who holds minority advancement at a high standard. And with that, we definitely see who we must separate ourselves from now. 

So thank you, Trump. You have helped us identify those who we teach our daughters to dress “appropriately” for. You have helped us to identify those who help spread the false propaganda that Islam means terror. You have helped us identify those who won’t care about the families torn apart due to the reconstruction of a system meant to keep immigrants from starting a better life and foundation. You have helped us identify those who would love to see how shock therapy is going to work on the LGBT in our community. 

Thank you, Donald Trump. You have helped us identify the TRUE American.

Rasheed Davis