While living in an era where cultural pride and fighting systematic oppression via social media has become such a dominant tool, you come across a lot of concepts and ideas. Some you agree with and some you don’t. 

There is one concept that I have come across in the past few weeks that I have been forced to question. In saying this, some people may think it’s a joke and laugh (just like I did), but I think it’s important for you to hear. 

The concept is: WHITE CULTURE.


When reading those two words, you may have the same expression as Samantha White and her crew from Dear White People (one of my favorite movies), which is shown here. After reading up on White Culture, I have come to the conclusion that there is actually such a thing. And even though the jokes that the unstoppable and hilarious Black Twitter generate may be a little aggressive and harsh, they pack a huge amount of truth, whether they actually intend it or not.

In this piece I have gathered five ideologies from the collective Black Twitter on why there is a such thing as White Culture. They are:


In any and almost every event that somehow hinders our Black community, it is very easy for the White majority to say, “It’s not about race.” We have seen tremendous amounts of backlash towards the Black Lives Matter movement because of our cause to bring awareness to the race-based crimes and oppression of our people. They claim they understand these crimes and oppression of one race is wrong, however, instead of realizing that our lives matter, they want to make these specific crimes open to the general public with their infamous All Lives Matter. Admitting that black lives do matter would take away from their colorblindness and post-racial society, so it’s easier for them to make the oppression of one group a collective thing, which it is not. 


When it comes to White Culture, there is no “brightening up the place,” only “whitening up the place.” White majority decides that instead of actually taking the measures necessary to drop crime rates like enforcing stricter education laws and putting better funding into urban areas, which are dominated by Black people, it’s just way easier to knock down a project home, build a condominium complex, implant the Temple University logo across it, raise the property tax to an amount where only a certain social class of people could, and call it a day. Keep in mind, these same areas they are pushing Black folks out of, are the areas they they forced Black people into years ago with racial steering. 


Black people are oppressed. Whether you think so or not. We can’t do the same things White people can do. We can’t sell stuff without being accused of stealing it. We can’t gather in public without it being gang fest. We can’t share our knowledge on being Black without being labeled a “reverse racist.” And you can’t be Black without being a suspect and then getting shot. The idea that White People want to relate to us is (excuse my language but) the most ignorant shit I have ever heard in my entire life. The vast majority of White people cannot relate to us in the simplest of ways. I remember sitting in my Philosophy class this past semester and a White guy raises his hand on the subject of police brutality and goes, “I shouldn’t have to be worried about getting shot if a police officer pulls me over for a broken taillight.” Dude was literally bursting out into tears speaking this shit. Like what? Que? Quelle? Nini? It’s blatant disrespect to put yourself in a league with people who have to fight to be themselves everyday. 


Let’s be real. What has the White majority, tracing way back to colonization, actually contributed to society besides introducing the universal idea that someone can be inferior based on skin complexion? Oh okay. The new fads in the White community like dreadlocks, rap/hip-hop, seasoned food (no shade), slang, and certain fashions are all things that were not only created by various Black cultures, but also things that White People constantly bash for doing so. Prime example, Khloe Kardashian wearing colored straight-back braids, while somewhere in the world a Black girl is scared to do so because she’ll be labeled “ghetto.” Just something to think about.


This is a sub-topic under cultural appropriation. I don’t even have to say it, but I’m going to. From the mouths of White Feminist Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham, we have learned that White people have no shame in adding to the stereotypes that Black people are only sexual beings. According to the likes of them, we catcall, other races aren’t good enough for us, and the sizes of Black male genitalia is more important than the amount of knowledge a Black man can carry. But let’s not stop there. The ongoing comparison of “Black girls vs. White girls” has become a fad even coons like Kevin Gates are guilty of adding fuel to fire in. Let me tell you: there is no comparison. Without Black women, who are you comparing White women to in terms of physique, homemaking, and sexual desires? White women are going out and getting lip injections, ass implants, boob jobs, and baking themselves away in tanning booths to match genetic-coding of a Black woman, but will bash them for not having to buy their physique. Both White men and White women, alike, play a role in fetishizing the Black race, but will fail to put a Black Lives Matter hashtag on their Twitter or speak up when they see another White person engaging in racist antics because it’s better to be in, rather than out. Which leads us to our next and last topic.


Honestly, it wouldn’t be their culture without it. Privilege contributes to every topic and sub-topic above. They can do these things because in a country built for them, they are allowed to claim whatever it is they want and not have to explain themselves. They send their kids out in to the world, never having to send a “be safe” text in the case of being stopped by an officer. They don’t have to mask their identities and watch what they say to make their counterparts feel comfortable. They don’t have to code-switch to come off more appealing. They expect the best out of situations and they get it.


In reading this, I know some people will find this funny, because honestly, it’s still funny to me. We make jokes about “White Culture,” without realizing that it is an actual thing. 

The truth is, it is a thing, whether we like it or not. 

While many may find this piece unsettling and label it “race-baiting,” little will actually take the time to look into what White Culture has actually contributed to society besides legalized hate and apartheid. 

I encourage everyone reading this not to look at this as slander, but as unwanted truth. You can be apart of the problem that is White Culture or you can be the solution to it. 

Happy New Years to all, and remember: 


Seriously, guys? It’s just a joke. Settle down.

Rasheed Davis